Mitesh J. Patel, MBA

Mitesh J. Patel

Mitesh J. Patel, MBA
Founder of ZipShipit

About Mitesh

Born: Baroda, India
Home Now: Atlanta, GA
Occupation: Shipping Equalizer

Get in touch: mj at ZipShipit dot com (please don’t use social networks)

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Professional Bio: I am the founder and CEO of ZipShipit.  I am a serial entrepreneur who has always been self-employed and enjoys the freedom to dream, design, and develop new things.  I have worked in the Construction, Real Estate, Retail, and Financial Services industries for over 20 years.  This diverse experience has given me the skills necessary to create this startup.  I have served on a number of boards in the past including the Henry County of Convention and Visitors Bureau and The Georgia Indo-American Chamber of Commerce.  I am also currently the director of Community Relations for the BAPS Mandir in Atlanta.  As a community leader in the volunteer realm, I have learned the ability to deal with individuals on a personal level to help motivate and drive them to be the best they can be.

I am the proud father of 2 great children Aayush (15) and Maahi (11) who were given to me by my beautiful wife Dimple.  As a family we love travel and have been to many places around the nation and around the world including, Alaska, the Caribbean, England, India, and Africa.  I think providing the kids with a wide variety of travel locations they have learned to appreciate where and how they live.

Birth of ZipShipit: As for ZipShipit, I am passionate about providing good customer service and making the shipping process as easy and convenient as possible.  With that said, my family has been in the shipping industry for a number of years. Once while in my father’s shipping store I was standing and watching the customers and employees and listening to their interactions.  Upon seeing the line of individuals holding packages and hearing one of the customer’s questions about shipping options, the idea for ZipShipit was born.

If you can compare airfare, hotels, insurance and almost anything else online, why couldn’t you compare shipping prices?  If you can order anything to be delivered to your home, why couldn’t you send anything without leaving home?  I wanted to make sure that consumers and small businesses had the ability to see all the carriers’ shipping prices side-by-side and be able to ship from home or office.


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