ZipShipit Adding UberRUSH As Carrier


UberRUSH on PhoneGround, 3-Day, 2-Day, Next Day delivery…as if that wasn’t enough, ZipShipit is proud to be adding UberRUSH to the family of carriers we have already amassed.  Soon if you live in New York City, Chicago, or San Francisco, with UberRUSH via ZipShipit you can have your packages delivered the same day within hours or minutes for less than it costs to send something Next Day with the other carriers.  Wow! This will help save time and money so we hope this will give you yet another reason to ZipShipit.

UberRUSH is an on-demand delivery network powered by Uber. Once your order is picked up, you’ll receive a text message with a link to track your delivery in real time on the map. So you always know exactly when it will arrive.

Sometimes things just have to get done yesterday…this is where UberRUSH will come in handy.  Whether you are an attorney, CPA, or architect that needs to get documents signed as soon as possible, or you’re a business owner who just wants to give their customers the fastest service possible, ZipShipit will soon allow you to get work done faster with UberRUSH.

When your customers are waiting for an important delivery every minute counts and timing is priority number one.  Did you go somewhere and forget something at home and can’t leave to go get it?  In comes UberRUSH to the rescue.

So many uses for such an easy, quick, and simple solution.

Just log on to ZipShipit and go to the Ship it page and start a shipment.  Enter the Pickup (From) address and the Delivery (To) address and give a brief description of the item…then just click get rates and see your options including UberRUSH.  Within minutes, after your payment is processed, your courier will arrive to pick up your package and take it on its way.

ZipShipit gives yet another way to make your life easier.

Click. Ship. Save